Yes, we need donations to help with our cause! Join with us to fight back and expose this issue to the light. We actively seek public votes for bag bans, which cost time and money to achieve. Many of us spend hours of our time, and appreciate the financial support to pay for the costs of surveys, petition gathering, and processing fees.
"Stop the Bag Ban" is a California registered Political Action Committee. We greatly appreciate any donations, both from individuals and businesses. THANK YOU!
Please note the following:
- Donations are not tax deductable.
- Donations of$25 and higher require the name and street address of the donor.
- Donations of $100 and higher require name, address, employer name, and job title.
1. By Check
The preferred method is check. This makes it easiest to track for reporting purposes and keeps our costs down.
Please make checks payable to "Stop the Bag Ban" and mail them to:
Stop the Bag Ban
P.O. Box 20422
San Jose, Ca. 95160
2. By Paypal
Please click on the button below to donate via paypal. You can use PayPal or a Credit Card.